Welcome to BassandTenor.com, the online home for pipe band midsection drummers. My goal in creating this page is to provide a central and comprehensive space for content that is interesting and relevant for tenor and bass drummers of all abilities - solo player, just starting out with your first band, looking for some tips on how to get your bass drum tuned just right or how to figure out that flourish you saw the other day...this will be the place to find out! You can expect to see videos, tuning and playing tips, basic and advanced flourishes, tutorials, and articles relating to this exciting time to be into B&T drumming. If you're interested in keeping tabs on this project as it grows, I invite you to join my mailing list by entering your deets in the form below. I use my mailing list to let people know about new content on this page and/or news that impacts the pipe band B&T world. 

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