My book is finally published - this is the secret launch!

I wrote a book back in 2006 about how I tune tenor drums. It is a snapshot of the cumulation of my knowledge about tuning drums at the time and includes some nerdy graphics showing the time and frequency domain explanation of tuning harmonics (FFTs, etc.).

I may update someday to include some chapters on Hosbilt style drums, damping, and the difference between tempered and just scales when it comes to note selection. 

For now, though, the book is in good shape and if I don't get it launched now, it will probably be another 8 years before I do anything about, and I think it's a resource worth sharing. 

The first 10 people to buy using this link will get 25% off - enjoy! is the URL for if you aren't among the first 10 or if you want to support me by paying full price (which I totally appreciate!). I will do promotions now and then as I try to find the most appropriate price point for this book.